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  • Stainless steel chimney system

    All-around solution provider for Chimney Systems

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  • Industrial chimney system

    Specializes in the development and practice of gas metal pipes for high temperature and various media.

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  • Fume purification system

    We strive to create a respectable company for the eternal pursuit

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  • 《Quality column》 is a chimney beyond your imagination

    "Warm far village, yiyi market lane smoke". Curl smoke, white clouds, always remind people of the heart of the warmest harbor - home.

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    Suzhou rainbow environmental equipment co., ltd. held a grand listing ceremony

    Today, chairman wang yong and senior executives of the company, together with general manager zhang of chengdu branch

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  • Congratulations the rainbow environment on the successful listing of the new thi

    On September 30, 2016, the rainbow environment (stock code: 839462) was successfully listed on the new third board After several years
  • Running the rainbow environment! Running youth

    In November 2015, "2015 chengdu energy conservation and environmental protection industry base SCW
  • The rainbow environment to create high-quality technical team, products through

    The rainbow environment has a high-quality technical team, intermediate and advanced technology and management personnel
  • Rainbow environment was rated as "2012 top ten employers of suzhou business"

    On July 10th, "2013 jiangsu enterprise management annual meeting and the third su business school award presentation ceremony "
  • Our company accepts the special interview of Deutsch Welle, a German television

    Congratulations sun Chen representative on the day of the Mid-Autumn festival on September 19 we accepted German television cloud
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